Indojava Translations is run by Elisabeth Evi Kushariyanti
(sworn translator Indonesian, Javanese, English and Dutch).

Indojava Translations is a dynamic translating bureau which is driven by notions of professionalism, customer friendliness and privacy with its overriding concern on customer satisfaction. Indojava Translations provides (certified) translating and interpreting services of which its in-house specialisations are Indonesian and Javanese.

About us?

In the globalization era, the function of language as means of communication is crucial. The fast growth in the economic aspects, market and trade, also in education, brings the position of language to the first rank.
Are you looking for translating services? Indojava Translations –just like you- takes a part in the globalisation, such as supporting your efficiency and continuity of your work with its in-house specialisations are Indonesian and Javanese.
Source and target languages : Other languages :

• Indonesian

• Malay ⇒ Dutch

• Javanese

• Malay ⇒ English

• English

• Malay ⇒ Indonesian

• Dutch

Services provided by Indojava Translations include :

• Translating

• Subtitles

• Interpreting

• Language course : Indonesian

• Sworn translations

• Delegation support

• Proofreading

Our services

Some applications of our services :

Personal documents

Websites and multimedia

Scientific work

Legal documents

Business publications and suchlike